* Fix screencast UI being erroneously disabled [Florian; !2533]
* Properly apply saved shortcuts inhibition permissions [Florian; !2548]
* Fix IM candidate popup getting closed when switching pages [Carlos; !2497]
* Fix unresponsive screen area when quick settings are opened [Carlos; !2535]
* Ensure completions are disabled when hiding on-screen keyboard [Carlos; !2543]
* Fix missing name in wired network quick settings button [Florian; !2529]
* Don't let wayland popovers block overview [Florian; !2549]
* Fix repeated entries in volume device menu [Florian; !2558]
* Fix input source switching with focus on password entry [Carlos; !2534]
* Misc. bug fixes and cleanups [Alessandro, Florian, Jonas; !2536, !2545, !2546,
  !2547, !2532, !1349]

  Alessandro Bono, Carlos Garnacho, Florian Müllner, Jonas Ådahl

  Aleksandr Melman [ru], Dušan Kazik [sk], Vasil Pupkin [be],
  Sveinn í Felli [is], Nart Tlisha [ab]