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  • @aday Thank you for the tutorial! Worked for me!

    However a little note:

    libgweather also asks about


    and gjs complains about

    Checking for function "timer_settime" : NO Program dtrace found: NO .../src/gjs/libgjs.symbols: NO DEPRECATION: Passing --warn-error is deprecated in favor of "fatal_warnings" keyword argument since v0.55

    However, I do not know how to fix these. Anyways, install was successful though.

    and mutter complains about:

    Did not find CMake 'cmake' Found CMake: NO Run-time dependency xwayland found: NO (tried pkgconfig and cmake) Checking for function "XSetIOErrorExitHandler" with dependency x11: NO


    Program Xwayland found: YES

    Do not know how to fix the xwayland and x11 dependency

    and gnome-shell complains about

    Checking for function "fdwalk" : NO Checking for function "fdwalk" : NO (cached)

    So, finally, you may want to include

    sudo dnf install pylint cmake

    in your list.

    Additionally, I did not need to install the vm-animation extension; animations seemed to work fine from the beginning (after installing fedora 33 and enabling 3D acceleration in gnome-boxes).

    Edited by Christian Ohrfandl
  • Author Developer

    mutter bumped its glib dependency yesterday, so anyone with an existing build based on this tutorial will need to:

    1. Clone and download glib
    2. Delete the _build directory from ~/src/mutter
    3. Then rebuild mutter followed by gnome-shell
  • Worked for me @aday

  • Author Developer

    The build now requires Pipewire to be built from source, which has been added to the tutorial.

    As time goes on the number of modules you have to build is going to grow. At some point we will need to abandon this approach of manually building modules on F33.

  • The extension can't be enabled anymore because the shell version is 40.beta now.

    You have to replace 40.alpha to 40.beta in metadata.json inside the zip file before installing it.

  • Maintainer

    Thanks for the catch, I'll upload a new version.

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