ui: Refactor main to be class-based, add getMain() global utility

When ESM (ECMAScript Modules) land, it will no longer be possible
to treat `imports.ui.main` as an object where properties (exports)
can be re-assigned. To handle this change, `imports.ui.main` is
refactored into a `Main` class which is the instantiated as a singleton
in  `main.js`. `main.js` uses a proxy to allow for circular references,
this emulates how ES module imports are "live" and can be updated.

ECMAScript Modules are entirely asynchronous so to ensure
`main`/`GnomeShell` can be conditionally accessed synchronously outside
of the imports system (e.g. in looking glass, extension utilities,
etc.), add global.getMain() to retrieve the "main" object in these
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