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style: Fix icon and text scaling support for a11y; standardize padding

Sam Hewitt requested to merge wip/snwh/stylesheet-improve-scaling-support into main

This is a pretty wide-ranging update to help address shortcomings/bugs with scaling when folks use the Large Text feature as well as make elements use common padding and margin values.

  • new drawing function to convert px to em, for select instances
  • updated fontsize function to convert fonts in pt to em; replace/update instances of labels not using fontsize()
  • replace instances of discrete margin and padding sizes with defined values and a multiplier
  • fix instances where assets or icons did not scale along with text
  • rework panel buttons to accommodate the scaling padding and icons
  • new 'scalable' definitions for padding and icons to use in elements that follow text scaling

Fixes #7219 (closed), #7220 (closed), #5418 (closed), #3918 (closed)

Edited by Sam Hewitt

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