Draft: Add long click (long press) handling to Quick(Menu)Toggle

Barnabás Pőcze requested to merge pobrn/gnome-shell:st_button_long_click into main

This is an RFC merge request. I have not found an issue or merge request that is about this topic. But if there is one, please redirect me to it and feel free to close this.

On Android one can keep pressing a "quick settings" icon, which will then open the appropriate part of the settings application after a short timeout. I was wondering if such a feature is being planned for GNOME shell? I created a very rudimentary small proof of concept of how it could work. Only the dark mode, night light, and bluetooth toggles have been changed for this draft because those were the easiest (and I did not want to spend more time than I had already done if it is going to be rejected in the end).

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