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WIP: 40


Warning: this is unfinished work and the current state may not represent the final release


  • Workspaces
    • Make them horizontal
    • Drag n' Drop behavior
    • Add hover state to workspaces
    • Figure out the click interaction
    • 3 workspaces by default
    • Shadow and rounded corner
  • Dash
    • Make it horizontal
    • Move to the bottom
  • App Grid
    • Make it horizontal
    • Improve Drag n' Drop behavior
  • Overview
    • Merge app grid and workspaces pages
    • Add adjustment to control transition
    • Hook swipe tracker to adjustment
    • Merge ViewSelector and ControlsManager
    • Make the search page an overlay
    • Interpolate final states
    • Use 3-finger to trigger the swipe
  • Gestures
    • Introduce the overview gesture
    • Review and land !1326 (merged)
    • Share the same adjustment between WorkspacesDisplay and WorkspaceAnimation
    • Fix 3fg confusing secondary monitor workspaces
    • Fix changing workspaces when dragging the app grid
  • Others
    • Fix keyboard navigation
    • Fix workspaces in session mode miscalculate the window clones sizes
    • List and fix regressions
Edited by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto

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