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Other labels

  • 5. Screenshot
    GNOME / gnome-shell
  • 5. Sound
    GNOME / gnome-shell
    Sound management, outputs and volume slide
  • 5. St
    GNOME / gnome-shell
    Related to St and/or the CSS machinery
  • 5. Workspaces
    GNOME / gnome-shell
    Workspace management and the associated interface elements
  • 6. Calendars
    GNOME / gnome-shell
    Issues related to calendars, events and Evolution-Data-Server integration
  • 6. Input
    GNOME / gnome-shell
    Input methods, keyboard menu and event propagation
  • 6. JavaScript
    GNOME / gnome-shell
    Anything related to new JavaScript or GJS versions, like code patterns and new language features
  • 6. Window management
    GNOME / gnome-shell
    Behavior and management of window positions, sizes and stacking
  • Relates to accessibility and accessibility technologies
  • Relates to developer documentation
  • Relates to translations into different languages
  • 8. User Docs
    Relates to user documentation
  • Issues which cause the openQA end-to-end tests of GNOME OS to fail in 'master'.
  • Use this label for bring engagement team attention and possibly do PR or call for action around a feature, fix or work. Newcomers fixes are also a good fit.
  • Features, fixes and changes that have high user visibility or impact. Intended for tracking and communication with engagement team, users, etc.