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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • 1. Bug
    Problems, incorrect behavior or appearance
  • 1. Cleanup
    Refactoring, technological debt, etc.
  • 1. Crash
    The issue is a crash in the software
  • Issues that propose improvements to existing features
  • 1. Epic
    Initiatives and goals across modules and releases. Epics are scoped, prioritized (among other initiatives) and doable. Epics are adviced to follow a Minimum Viable Change approach.
  • 1. Feature
    New features or capabilities to be added
  • 1. Mockups Available
    GNOME / gnome-shell
    Mockups are available for this change or feature, but they need to be implemented still.
  • Human-perceptible delays in response time to user actions, or issues related to the excessive use of system resources like CPU, I/O, GPU, etc.
  • Issue is an unintended break of previous working behavior
  • 1. Security
    Security, privacy or safety issues
  • This merge request has been accepted but should only be merged once the module emerges from code freeze (see
  • Needs an acceptable design solution to be identified
  • The issue needs more diagnosis to triage
  • 2. Needs Discussion
    GNOME / gnome-shell
    The issue needs more discussion before an action can be taken.
  • Needs additional information to be diagnosed and/or resolved
  • 2. Needs Triage
    GNOME / gnome-shell
    The task needs to be either closed or accepted
  • 2. RFC
    Request For Comments and discussions from developers
  • Issue describes something that does not need to be changed
  • Issue is too generic or is not actionable