Commit ee3eaf0c authored by Andy Holmes's avatar Andy Holmes

StAdjustment: note when 'changed' is not emitted

Like `GtkAdjustment`, `StAdjustment:changed` is not emitted for the
`value` property except when changed with `st_adjustment_set_values()`.

Note this behaviour in the signal documentation

closes #3147
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......@@ -375,7 +375,8 @@ st_adjustment_class_init (StAdjustmentClass *klass)
* StAdjustment::changed:
* @self: the #StAdjustment
* Emitted when any of the adjustment values have changed
* Emitted when any of the adjustment properties have changed, except for
* #StAdjustment:value.
signals[CHANGED] =
g_signal_new ("changed",
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