Commit dd846f1b authored by Andre Magalhaes's avatar Andre Magalhaes Committed by verdre

rfkill: Always sync state on construction

This fixes an issue where the indicator can be out of sync until the
RfkillManager (used by it) properties change.

The problem is that multiple instances of the indicator will use
the same RfkillManager instance (getRfkillManager() returns a singleton)
that only guarantees to emit the changed signal in two scenarios:
when the D-Bus proxy connects and when the proxy properties change.

If by the time an indicator is instantiated the RfkillManager's D-Bus
proxy is already connected, that indicator would only sync its state
when the RfkillManager properties change.

Let's fix that by always syncing the state on construction - in the worst
case scenario the RfkillManager's D-Bus proxy won't have connected yet
and the indicator state will be temporarily out of sync but once it gets
connected the indicator will sync again with the correct state.

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......@@ -86,6 +86,8 @@ class Indicator extends PanelMenu.SystemIndicator {
Main.sessionMode.connect('updated', this._sessionUpdated.bind(this));
_sessionUpdated() {
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