Commit daa3ddac authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

shell: Do not use stack-allocated ClutterEvents

All events should be allocated.

parent a9e5004e
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......@@ -1381,31 +1381,32 @@ shell_global_sync_pointer (ShellGlobal *global)
int x, y;
ClutterModifierType mods;
ClutterMotionEvent event;
ClutterEvent *event;
ClutterSeat *seat;
shell_global_get_pointer (global, &x, &y, &mods);
seat = clutter_backend_get_default_seat (clutter_get_default_backend ());
event = clutter_event_new (CLUTTER_MOTION);
event.type = CLUTTER_MOTION;
event.time = shell_global_get_current_time (global);
event.stage = global->stage;
event.x = x;
event.y = y;
event.modifier_state = mods;
event.axes = NULL;
event.device = clutter_seat_get_pointer (seat);
event->motion.time = shell_global_get_current_time (global);
event->motion.flags = CLUTTER_EVENT_FLAG_SYNTHETIC;
event->motion.stage = global->stage;
event->motion.x = x;
event->motion.y = y;
event->motion.modifier_state = mods;
event->motion.axes = NULL;
clutter_event_set_device (event, clutter_seat_get_pointer (seat));
/* Leaving event.source NULL will force clutter to look it up, which
* will generate enter/leave events as a side effect, if they are
* needed. We need a better way to do this though... see
event.source = NULL;
clutter_event_set_source_device (event, NULL);
clutter_event_put ((ClutterEvent *)&event);
clutter_event_put (event);
clutter_event_free (event);
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