Commit 98234acd authored by Daniel van Vugt's avatar Daniel van Vugt Committed by Florian Müllner

windowManager: Avoid calling meta_window_actor_thaw when not frozen

Because that tends to crash in:
g_error ("Error in freeze/thaw accounting");

Closes: mutter#1431


(cherry picked from commit 6ba3ca5f)
parent f231efe0
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......@@ -1378,6 +1378,10 @@ var WindowManager = class {
onStopped: () => this._sizeChangeWindowDone(shellwm, actor),
// ease didn't animate and cleared the info, we are done
if (!actor.__animationInfo)
// Now unfreeze actor updates, to get it to the new size.
// It's important that we don't wait until the animation is completed to
// do this, otherwise our scale will be applied to the old texture size.
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