Commit 84661986 authored by Ray Strode's avatar Ray Strode
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loginDialog: subtract padding when drawing focus line

If there's no scrollbar in the user list it grows as the
user arrows around.  This is because it wasn't taking
padding into account when computing its destination size.
parent 33718ef7
......@@ -247,12 +247,15 @@ UserListItem.prototype = {
showFocusAnimation: function(time) {
let hold = new Batch.Hold();
let node =;
let padding = node.get_horizontal_padding();
let box = this._verticalBox.get_allocation_box();
this._focusBin.width = 0;
{ width: box.x2 - box.x1,
{ width: (box.x2 - box.x1 - padding),
time: time,
transition: 'linear',
onComplete: function() {
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