Commit 70b5db16 authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi
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search: make sure to pass a timestamp to LaunchSearch()

Do not repeat past mistakes while we're still in time.
parent 5072ea7e
......@@ -75,11 +75,13 @@
@terms: Array of search terms, which the provider should treat as logical AND.
@timestamp: A timestamp of the user interaction that triggered this call
Asks the search provider to launch a full search in the application for the provided terms.
<method name="LaunchSearch">
<arg type="as" name="terms" direction="in" />
<arg type="u" name="timestamp" direction="in" />
......@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ const SearchProvider2Iface = <interface name="org.gnome.Shell.SearchProvider2">
<method name="LaunchSearch">
<arg type="as" direction="in" />
<arg type="u" direction="in" />
......@@ -290,6 +291,6 @@ const RemoteSearchProvider2 = new Lang.Class({
launchSearch: function(terms) {
this.proxy.LaunchSearchRemote(terms, global.get_current_time());
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