Commit 6f605598 authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi
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global: don't run a garbage collection on tweeners end

This currently causes the shell to freeze very often in a thread
deadlock, and the gjs garbage collector behavior is currently getting
fixed at the right level in gjs itself.
parent 85bc8ccc
......@@ -1482,13 +1482,6 @@ run_leisure_functions (gpointer data)
if (global->work_count > 0)
return FALSE;
/* Previously we called gjs_maybe_gc(). However, it simply doesn't
* trigger often enough. Garbage collection is very fast here, so
* let's just aggressively GC. This will help avoid both heap
* fragmentation, and the GC kicking in when we don't want it to.
gjs_context_gc (global->js_context);
/* No leisure closures, so we are done */
if (global->leisure_closures == NULL)
return FALSE;
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