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Update NEWS.
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* Define default app grid arrangement [Allan; !1700]
* Fix shading behind system modal dialogs [Florian; !1712]
* Only show logout-inhibiting apps in end-session dialog [Michael; !1424]
* Fix minimap previews on multi-monitor systems [Florian; !1721]
* Drop strict extension version match for unstable releases [Florian; !1719]
* Fix missing app menu after overview gesture [Florian; !1726]
* Improve app folder appearance [Jakub; !1714]
* Fix window previews becoming undraggable after workspace switch
[Sebastian; !1717]
* Fix dragging icons to a different page in RTL locales [Carlos; !1734]
* Support double super for opening app grid [Florian; !1736]
* Improve workspace handling on secondary monitors [Florian; !1735]
* Improve interaction when dragging between app grid pages [Carlos; !1630]
* Fix launching on requested workspace on wayland [Florian; !1316]
* Make wifi strength indicator consistent with icons in Settings [Remi; !1432]
* Start session in overview [Georges; !1678]
* Tweak window preview layout in overview [Jonas D.; !1702, !1737]
* Improve overview performance [Jonas D.; !1713, !1733, !1743, !1755]
* Fix new workspaces being invisible in minimap [Florian; !1716]
* Fix glitch after dragging window preview from second monitor [Ivan; !1727]
* Do not switch workspaces when scrolling during super-tab [Florian; !1746]
* Make OSK shifting up windows more reliable [Jonas D.; !1728, !1760]
* Fix swipe gesture glitches [Alexander; !1731]
* Fix mis-scaled preview icons in window picker [Sebastian; !1751]
* Fix unintended app grid changes during icon DND in dash [Sebastian; !1767]
* Fix missing X11 fallback icons [Florian; !1761]
* Fixed crashes [Sebastian; !1718]
* Misc. bug fixes and cleanups [Jonas Å., Sebastian, Abderrahim, Florian,
Alexander, Felix, Ivan, Jonas D., Jakub, Daniel; !1710, !1707, !1720, !1722,
!1724, !1732, !1246, !1738, !1740] !1742, !1741, !1745, !1748, !1749, !1765,
!1766, !1757, !1758]
Jonas Ådahl, arushsharma24, Allan Day, Felix Divo, Jonas Dreßler,
Carlos Garnacho, Sebastian Keller, Abderrahim Kitouni, Alexander Mikhaylenko,
Ivan Molodetskikh, Florian Müllner, Georges Basile Stavracas Neto,
Remi Salmon, Jakub Steiner, Michael Terry, Daniel van Vugt
Fran Dieguez [gl], Balázs Meskó [hu], Baurzhan Muftakhidinov [kk],
Goran Vidović [hr], Christian Kirbach [de], Марко Костић [sr],
Asier Sarasua Garmendia [eu], Guillaume Bernard [fr], Tim Sabsch [de],
Philipp Kiemle [de], Danial Behzadi [fa], Piotr Drąg [pl],
Rūdolfs Mazurs [lv], Daniel Mustieles [es], Marek Černocký [cs],
Fabio Tomat [fur], Changwoo Ryu [ko], Kjartan Maraas [nb], A S Alam [pa],
Milo Casagrande [it]
* Overview redesign
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<release version="40.rc" type="development" date="2021-02-22"/>
<release version="40.rc" type="development" date="2021-03-15"/>
<release version="40.beta" type="development" date="2021-02-22"/>
<release version="40.alpha.1.1" type="development" date="2021-01-18"/>
<release version="40.alpha.1" type="development" date="2021-01-14"/>
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