Commit ae65a82f authored by Florian Müllner's avatar Florian Müllner

classic: Fix "Clear All" button readability

Most buttons appear in modal dialogs which keep their normal
appearance in the classic theme, except for the calendar's
"Clear All" which needs a dark text color to be readable on
the light background.

parent 2dbe692a
Pipeline #3000 passed with stage
in 4 minutes and 46 seconds
......@@ -1955,3 +1955,6 @@ StScrollBar {
.calendar-day-with-events {
background-image: url("calendar-today.svg"); }
.message-list-clear-button.button {
color: #2e3436; }
......@@ -86,3 +86,7 @@ $variant: 'light';
.calendar-day-with-events {
background-image: url("calendar-today.svg");
.message-list-clear-button.button {
color: $fg_color
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