Commit ab45ec8e authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Add nautilus-classic to the classic mode

Nautilus 3.7.5 ships a separate nautilus-classic.desktop file which
turns on icons on the desktop, regardless of the setting.
parent b9fba54b
[GNOME Session] [GNOME Session]
_Name=GNOME Classic _Name=GNOME Classic
RequiredComponents=gnome-shell-classic;gnome-settings-daemon; RequiredComponents=gnome-shell-classic;gnome-settings-daemon;nautilus-classic;
IsRunnableHelper=@libexecdir@/gnome-session-check-accelerated IsRunnableHelper=@libexecdir@/gnome-session-check-accelerated
FallbackSession=gnome-fallback FallbackSession=gnome-fallback
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