Commit 530b165d authored by Florian Müllner's avatar Florian Müllner

nativeWindowPlacement: Adjust to overview changes

title._spacing is no longer defined, so we end up with bogus positions
when window-captions-on-top is set to true. Adjust the positioning to
do without that for now, though the whole extension could use a rewrite
to not copy everything-and-the-kitching-sink, or be killed off as yet
another extension from the original random collection that turned out
too expensive to keep dragging along ...
parent e479068d
......@@ -431,8 +431,8 @@ function enable() {
let titleX = cloneX + (cloneWidth - titleWidth) / 2;
/// this is the actual difference to original gnome-shell:
//let titleY = cloneY + cloneHeight + title._spacing;
let titleY = cloneY - title.height + title._spacing;
//let titleY = cloneY + cloneHeight - (title.height - this.borderSize) / 2;
let titleY = cloneY - (title.height - this.borderSize) / 2;
if (animate)
this._animateOverlayActor(title, Math.floor(titleX), Math.floor(titleY), titleWidth);
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