Commit 8aa645ae authored by Florian Müllner's avatar Florian Müllner
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build: Adjust shell-version

With the new version scheme, only the major version is relevant as
far as gnome-shell is concerned. However the extension website does
not handle that at the moment, so always append a ".0".
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......@@ -22,11 +22,7 @@ sessiondir = join_paths(datadir, 'gnome-session', 'sessions')
xsessiondir = join_paths(datadir, 'xsessions')
ver_arr = meson.project_version().split('.')
if ver_arr[1].version_compare('>=0')
shell_version = ver_arr[0]
else # pre-release (alpha, beta, rc)
shell_version = '.'.join(ver_arr)
shell_version = '@0@.0'.format(ver_arr[0])
uuid_suffix = ''
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