Commit 79c76a87 authored by Florian Müllner's avatar Florian Müllner
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apps-menu: Fix .desktop entries in subdirectories

GMenu's TreeEntries return an AppInfo that is created from the
.desktop filename, not from a desktop ID as expected by the
AppSystem. As a result, g_app_info_get_id() will simply return
the file's basename, which only matches the desktop ID if no
prefix-to-subdirectory mapping as described in the menu spec
is involved.
Fix this by basing the app lookup on the entry's desktop ID instead
of the AppInfo.
parent 1958ce77
......@@ -397,15 +397,14 @@ const ApplicationsButton = new Lang.Class({
while ((nextType = != GMenu.TreeItemType.INVALID) {
if (nextType == GMenu.TreeItemType.ENTRY) {
let entry = iter.get_entry();
let appInfo = entry.get_app_info();
let id;
try {
id = appInfo.get_id(); // catch non-UTF8 filenames
id = entry.get_desktop_file_id(); // catch non-UTF8 filenames
} catch(e) {
let app = appSys.lookup_app(id);
if (appInfo.should_show())
if (app.get_app_info().should_show())
} else if (nextType == GMenu.TreeItemType.DIRECTORY) {
let subdir = iter.get_directory();
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