1. 14 May, 2012 6 commits
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      keyboard: Always add a latin and a UI language XKB layouts · 0a1ca858
      Rui Matos authored
      Toolkits need to know about both a latin layout to handle
      accelerators which are usually defined like Ctrl+C and a
      layout with the symbols for the language used in UI strings
      to handle mnemonics like Alt+Ф, so we try to find and add
      them in XKB group slots after the layout which the user
      actually intends to type with.
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      keyboard: Add the IBus engine setting code · fbdac0e6
      Rui Matos authored
      We simply connect to IBus and tell it to switch engine when our
      current input source setting is changed and an IBus engine is
      specified there. The responsibility to make sure that this engine
      actually exists on the IBus side is left to whoever writes the
      At the same time, if an IBus engine is specified, we flip the setting
      that backs the Gtk/IMModule XSETTING so that GTK+ applications get
      notified to load the IBus input method when needed and go back to the
      simple input method when IBus isn't required.
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      keyboard: Apply XKB layouts ourselves and stop relying on libgnomekbd · d1301233
      Rui Matos authored
      libgnomekbd/xklavier aren't a good fit to have the keyboard input
      story that we want since they rely on implementation details of the
      XKB protocol to provide users with a means to switch keyboard layouts.
      Of note here is a) their reliance on XKB groups, of which there can be
      only up to 4, to specify the layouts the user is able to switch
      between and b) their reliance on XKB options to specify the keybinding
      to switch layouts which is a restricted set and falls outside the
      regular GNOME desktop wide keybindings management as it's implemented
      entirely on the X server side.
      This commit introduces the use of a shared GSettings schema from
      gsettings-desktop-schemas which will be the storage for our new
      concept of "input sources". Input sources are basically a tuple of
      keyboard layout and, if needed, an IBus input engine that work
      together to provide the user with working keyboard input.
      As a start we only handle the keyboard layout for now. We do it using
      roughly the same method that setxkbmap(1) uses which should allow the
      users that want to specify their own XKB features (except layout) to
      still do so outside of GNOME (e.g. in a session startup script).
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      keyboard: Fix XkbSelectEventDetails event_type argument · f61a7d84
      Rui Matos authored
      This just happened to work by chance since both XkbStateNotify and
      XkbStateNotifyMask are the same integral value.
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      keyboard: Remove needless call to XkbUseExtension · f510ede5
      Rui Matos authored
      XkbQueryExtension does everything we need here.
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