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    • Roddy Shuler's avatar
      power: Increase blank delay for screensaver · bd840e2a
      Roddy Shuler authored
      Upon waking from a screen lock, if the user stops typing,
      the password screen is only displayed for 15 seconds.
      This can be a bit confusing to users, especially if using
      an external display that takes several seconds to wake up.
      Bump this timeout up to 30 seconds.
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    • Hans de Goede's avatar
      media-keys: Stop treating tablets specially · 425828ed
      Hans de Goede authored
      There are problems with treating the power-button on tablets in a special
      1) The configuration for the power-button behavior is now part of the
      main control-center power capplet, so it is visible to all users. It is
      very strange and inconsistent for users with a device which gets identified
      as a tablet that they can configure the behavior of the button in the
      control-center but the behavior does not change.
      2) The method used to determine if something is a tablet is unreliable,
      various surface like devices and some laptops wrongly have "Tablet"
      as chassis-type. So relying on chassis-type info for this is a bad idea.
      This commit removes the special handling of the power-button on tablets,
      falling back to the normal behavior of doing what the user has configured.
    • Hans de Goede's avatar
      power: Stop treating tablets specially · 2e508928
      Hans de Goede authored
      Quite some time ago special handling for tablets was added to
      gsd-power-manager to automatically suspend the tablet when the
      screen was blanked to save power.
      With the more recent auto-suspend (when on battery power) support, this
      hardcoded behavior really is no longer necessary, if the auto-suspend
      timeout gets set to the same value as the blank timeout the same result
      is achieved, but now under user control, rather then being hardcoded.
      Not having this hardcoded is desirable because suspend is not always
      desirable, e.g. when ongoing downloads are active, or other network
      connections are open such as an irc client.
      The hardcoded behavior is especially troublesome because it not only
      triggers on actual tablets, but also on various non tablet devices,
      both surface like devices, which are often used as one would use a
      laptop, as well as on some actual laptops. On laptops one may typically
      have an irc-client open, network downloads ongoing, etc. and then lock
      the screen when walking away. The current hardcoded suspend behavior
      causes the downloads to abort, irc messages to be missed, etc. and
      with this not being configurable there is nothing the user can do to
      avoid this.
      I've looked into making gsd_power_is_hardware_a_tablet() more reliable,
      but this relies on the DMI chassis type, which ultimately simply is
      Since the auto-suspend on screen blank functionality is duplicate with
      the auto-suspend and the tablet-identification is unreliable, lets just
      remove the special handling for tablets.
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    • Benjamin Berg's avatar
      power: Only disable Suspend/Hibernate actions inside VM · c07ea84b
      Benjamin Berg authored
      While we theoretically only want a different default value inside a VM,
      we currently hack this by never doing a suspend action inside VMs.
      However, that also breaks automatic logout, which is an unintended side
      Move the check to not install the corresponding timeout (preventing
      sleep warnings from being displayed) and also only enforce the VM
      specific hack for the Suspend and Hibernate actions.
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