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      Update British English translation · f0fdf1f9
      Bruce Cowan authored
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      media-keys: Fix MprisController no longer working · 771fba73
      Hans de Goede authored
      Since commit e4297f2a ("media-keys: Use G_DECLARE_FINAL_TYPE for
      MprisController"), the MPRIS support in g-s-d no longer works.
      This is caused by the mpris_proxy_ready_cb changes, after the troublesome
      commit, the MprisController self pointer is retreived by
      the mpris_proxy_ready_cb like this:
            MprisController *self = MPRIS_CONTROLLER (object);
      But the object parameter to the GAsyncReadyCallback is the source object,
      which in this case is the just created GDBusProxy, not our MprisController
      object, leading to these warnings:
      gsd-media-keys[x]: invalid cast from 'GDBusProxy' to 'MprisController'
      Our MprisController is passed through the user_data pointer, so
      this commit fixes the code to use this instead.
      This fixes the warning and more importantly also makes the MPRIS support work
      again, since it now will now properly set self->mpris_client_proxy again.
      Fixes: #437
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      Release 3.33.90 · 7de2b3a7
      Carlos Garnacho authored
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      power: Do not require X11 GDK backend · 95ddd0a1
      Carlos Garnacho authored
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      keyboard: Do not require X11 GDK backend · 3ac1dae1
      Carlos Garnacho authored
    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      color: Do not require X11 GDK backend · 80836344
      Carlos Garnacho authored
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      keyboard: Apply bell settings only on X11 · 12388c35
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      Those settings don't apply on wayland, we could care really hard to emulate
      volume/pitch/duration there but this is essentially an easter egg. Just
      avoid these on Wayland sessions.
    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      power: Make X screensaver watchdog X11 specific · 8606b9bd
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      There's no way X11 clients will be able to mess with screensaver state
      on wayland, so this is useless there.
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      plugins: Add systemd user service files for all the plugins · 50eccb08
      Benjamin Berg authored
      Using the facility added in the previous commit, we can add systemd user
      service files for all plugins and know when they have started up.
      This is roughly based on the work previously done by Iain Lane
      <iain@orangesquash.org.uk> and Bastien Nocera hadess@hadess.net>.
      For each g-s-d process we have a service and a target file. This
      separation only exists to contain dependency failures which would cause
      an OnFailure action to trigger and is needed so that we can use
      OnFailure for the gnome-session fail-whale
      In general, the approach taken is that we start g-s-d processes after
      gnome-session-initialized.target and before gnome-session.target.
      We want to be able to selectively start the services only when one or
      more dependencies are there, or even mask out services under some
      conditions. The approach taken is the following:
       * To mask a service, use a Conflicts entry. This is e.g. used to not
         start certain services in GDM using
       * To depend on multiple targets to be up and running to start, we set
         each of these targets in Requisite/After/PartOf/WantedBy. We always
         do this for gnome-session-initialized.target but this method is
         extensible to any number of further targets (e.g. bluetooth.target)
    • Iain Lane's avatar
      common: Have plugins claim a name on the bus when they are ready · 65253003
      Iain Lane authored
      The plugins are about to switch to being activated by systemd. We need a
      way for them to signal to systemd when they are ready. We'd like to
      avoid linking to libsystemd, so sd_notify() is out - let's have the
      plugins claim a name on the bus and then we can create Type=dbus units.
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    • Guido Günther's avatar
      Initial wwan plugin · 94baaea8
      Guido Günther authored
      Heavily based on code from nm-applet.
         - Allow to store SIM in keyring
         - Handle PUKs? (or do that in g-c-c)
  14. 30 Jul, 2019 3 commits
    • Benjamin Berg's avatar
      color: Switch to better black body color calculation · 62981b3c
      Benjamin Berg authored
      The planckian calculation is much better, but it also means we need to
      change the default from 4000K to 2700K to get a similar effect. 2700K is
      actually a good value as it is similar to commonly found "warm-white"
      artificial lights.
      Note that the defaults and range in g-c-c will also need to be adjusted
      for this change.
    • Benjamin Berg's avatar
      color: Always use old blackbody calculation · 37cc9af6
      Benjamin Berg authored
      We tried to switch to a better way of calculating the blackbody color,
      but unfortunately the switch was only partial and not used in most
      cases. Revert this to the old calculation for stable so that we can
      update the default values and configuration panel when moving to the
      better blackbody color calculation.
      Fixes #403
    • Benjamin Berg's avatar
      color: Remove compatibility ifdef's for old colord versions · b4793f93
      Benjamin Berg authored
      We already have a dependency on 1.3.5 which removes the need for the
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    • verdre's avatar
      shell-helper: Use doubles for shell OSD dbus calls · 65f6de3b
      verdre authored
      Allow for more precise values to be sent to the shell to fix a bug
      where the volume icon in the shells OSD is not the "muted" icon while
      the volume bar shows a value of 0.
      This happened because casting the volume to an integer value might
      return 0 while the value actually is near 0. Since we also generate the
      icon name inside media-keys and use the non-casted value for that, the
      icon and the volume we show in the shell would be different.
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