Commit ba35e997 authored by verdre's avatar verdre Committed by Florian Müllner

media-keys: Divide keyboard brightness value by 100

Since the OSD in the shell changed [1] to using float values from 0.0 to
1.0, send a double instead of a percentage via DBus.

[1] gnome-shell!385
parent af974a0a
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......@@ -3718,7 +3718,7 @@ power_keyboard_proxy_signal_cb (GDBusProxy *proxy,
if (g_strcmp0 (source, "internal") != 0)
show_osd (manager, "keyboard-brightness-symbolic", NULL, brightness, NULL);
show_osd (manager, "keyboard-brightness-symbolic", NULL, (double) brightness / 100.0, NULL);
static void
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