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Add USB protection daemon

This is related to the GNOME-Control-Center MR gnome-control-center!366 (merged), the GNOME-Shell MR gnome-shell!369 and the gsettings-desktop-schemas MR gsettings-desktop-schemas!15 (merged).

I talked about this in Planet GNOME. First post here

The daemon has three jobs:

  1. Keep in sync the USBGuard configuration with what we have in gsettings.
  2. Authorize new USB devices when needed.
  3. Inform the users with a notification when a device gets blocked.

We have three protection levels for new USB devices: never block, block only when the lock screen is active and always block.

If a user plugs a USB device while the lock screen is active and the protection level is "block only when the lock screen is active" the following notification will be shown


To prevent the user from locking out itself when for example his keyboard breaks, when you plug a keyboard we check if it is the only one available in the system. If it is, we authorize it showing the following notification:


But if touchscreen is available we don't authorize new keyboards, because the user can always use the on-screen keyboard, meaning that he will never be locked out.

Probably soon I'll do a new blog post explaining more in details all the different scenarios, and I'll link it also here.

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