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      Fix the build · ce4f4578
      Matthias Clasen authored
      This extra comma was causing the xsettings test to fail to link,
      because it was missing the X11 libs.
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      3.5.6 · 0a6cdcae
      Bastien Nocera authored
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      build: Add --disable-man · db289a05
      Colin Walters authored
      1) For embedded systems, it makes no sense to include documentation
         of this kind on each image.  So we might as well not even build
      2) For people bootstrapping systems from source code, documentation
         is the source of many cyclical build loops.  Allowing it to
         be disabled helps cut these loops.
      3) The Docbook stylesheets are distributed as Zip files, and I refuse
         to put that bullshit into my build system.
    • Matthias Clasen's avatar
      Add a man page · fe46c625
      Matthias Clasen authored
      The main purpose of this man page is to document how
      gnome-settings-daemon gets started and to give some hints
      about debugging problems with it.
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      keyboard: Add functionality to set IBus engines from input sources · 557bfce8
      Rui Matos authored
      We connect to IBus and tell it to switch engine when the current input
      source setting is changed and an IBus engine is specified there.
      If an IBus engine is specified, we flip the setting that backs the
      Gtk/IMModule XSETTING so that GTK+ applications get notified to load
      the IBus input method when needed and go back to the simple input
      method when IBus isn't required.
      The ibus-daemon claims a well known name in the session bus but
      doesn't ship a .service file to make it activatable so we ship one
      ourselves which will spawn it in a convenient way for us. In
      particular, we disable its 'panel' component since that functionality
      is provided by gnome-shell and would conflict at run time. We also
      tell it to replace an existing ibus-daemon since traditionally it
      would be spawned at session init time before even DBus was up and out
      of control of gnome-session so, in case that happens, our own spawned
      version will take place which is what we intend since the
      traditionally launched ibus-daemon is highly likely to be running with
      its 'panel' component enabled.
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      configure: Fix link error in test-keyboard · 54ce249a
      Rui Matos authored
      Under some configurations test-keyboard would fail to link with
      /bin/ld: test_keyboard-gsd-keyboard-manager.o: undefined reference to symbol 'XkbRF_Load'
    • Rui Matos's avatar
      keyboard: Apply XKB layouts ourselves and stop relying on libgnomekbd · b6e011ad
      Rui Matos authored and Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera committed
      libgnomekbd/xklavier aren't a good fit to have the keyboard input
      story that we want since they rely on implementation details of the
      XKB protocol to provide users with a means to switch keyboard layouts.
      Of note here is a) their reliance on XKB groups, of which there can be
      only up to 4, to specify the layouts the user is able to switch
      between and b) their reliance on XKB options to specify the keybinding
      to switch layouts which is a restricted set and falls outside the
      regular GNOME desktop wide keybindings management as it's implemented
      entirely on the X server side.
      This commit introduces the use of a shared GSettings schema from
      gsettings-desktop-schemas which will be the storage for our new
      concept of "input sources".
      We only handle XKB layouts as input sources for now. We do it using
      roughly the same method that setxkbmap(1) uses which should allow the
      users that want to specify their own XKB features (except layout) to
      still do so outside of GNOME (e.g. in a session startup script).
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