Commit 367d9dd0 authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera
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power: Don't change the brightness on inactive sessions

Spotted by Cosimo Cecchi.
parent 55fee0c5
......@@ -3157,11 +3157,16 @@ engine_session_properties_changed_cb (GDBusProxy *session,
v = g_variant_lookup_value (changed, "SessionIsActive", G_VARIANT_TYPE_BOOLEAN);
if (v) {
g_variant_unref (v);
g_debug ("Received session is active change");
gboolean active;
active = g_variant_get_boolean (v);
g_debug ("Received session is active change: now %s", active ? "active" : "inactive");
/* when doing the fast-user-switch into a new account,
* ensure the new account is undimmed and with the backlight on */
idle_set_mode (manager, GSD_POWER_IDLE_MODE_NORMAL);
if (active)
idle_set_mode (manager, GSD_POWER_IDLE_MODE_NORMAL);
g_variant_unref (v);
v = g_variant_lookup_value (changed, "InhibitedActions", G_VARIANT_TYPE_UINT32);
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