Commit 5a9fdf34 authored by Christian Rose's avatar Christian Rose Committed by Christian Rose

Added "af" to ALL_LINGUAS. Added Afrikaans translation by Zuza Software

2004-03-31  Christian Rose  <>

	* Added "af" to ALL_LINGUAS.
	* po/af.po: Added Afrikaans translation by
	Zuza Software Foundation <>.
parent fa48f59f
2004-03-31 Christian Rose <>
* Added "af" to ALL_LINGUAS.
2004-03-22 Mark McLoughlin <>
* post-release bump to 2.6.1
......@@ -164,7 +164,7 @@ GETTEXT_PACKAGE=gnome-session-2.0
ALL_LINGUAS="am ar az be bg bn bs ca cs cy da de el en_CA en_GB eo es et eu fa fi fr ga gl he hi hr hu id is it ja kn ko lt lv mk ml mn mr ms nl nn no pa pl pt pt_BR ro ru sk sl sq sr sr@Latn sv ta th tr uk vi wa zh_CN zh_TW"
ALL_LINGUAS="af am ar az be bg bn bs ca cs cy da de el en_CA en_GB eo es et eu fa fi fr ga gl he hi hr hu id is it ja kn ko lt lv mk ml mn mr ms nl nn no pa pl pt pt_BR ro ru sk sl sq sr sr@Latn sv ta th tr uk vi wa zh_CN zh_TW"
dnl -----------------------------------------------------------
2004-03-31 Christian Rose <>
* af.po: Added Afrikaans translation by
Zuza Software Foundation <>.
==================== 2.6.0 ====================
2004-03-21 Mugurel Tudor <>
# Afrikaans translation of gnome-session.
# Copyright (C) 2004 Zuza Software Foundation
# This file is distributed under the same license as the gnome-session package.
# Zuza Software Foundation <>, 2004
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: gnome-session 2.6-branch\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2004-03-30 14:51+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2004-03-30 17:02+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Zuza Software Foundation <>\n"
"Language-Team: Afrikaans <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
#: gnome-session/
msgid "Allow TCP connections"
msgstr "Laat TCP-konneksies toe"
#: gnome-session/
msgid ""
"For security reasons, on platforms which have _IceTcpTransNoListen() "
"(XFree86 systems), gnome-session does not listen for connections on TCP "
"ports. This option will allow connections from (authorized) remote hosts. "
"gnome-session must be restarted for this to take effect."
msgstr ""
"Om sekuriteitsredes luister gnome-session nie uit na konneksies op TCP-"
"poorte op platforms met _IceTcpTransNoListen() (XFree86 systems) nie. "
"Hierdie opsie laat konneksies van (gemagtide) afgeleë gashere toe.Gnome-"
"session moet oorbegin word vir die instelling om toegepas te word."
#: gnome-session/
msgid "If enabled, gnome-session will prompt the user before ending a session."
msgstr ""
"Indien geaktiveer, sal gnome-session die gebruiker waarsku voordat 'n sessie "
"beëindig word."
#: gnome-session/
msgid ""
"If enabled, gnome-session will save the session automatically. Otherwise, "
"the logout dialog will have an option to save the session."
msgstr ""
"Indien geaktiveer, sal gnome-session die sessie outomaties stoor. Andersins "
"sal daar op die afmeldingsdialoog 'n opsie wees om die sessie te stoor."
#: gnome-session/
msgid "Logout prompt"
msgstr "Afmeldingspor"
#: gnome-session/
msgid ""
"Preferred Image to use for the splash screen when logging in to the GNOME "
msgstr ""
"Voorkeurbeeld wat gebruik moet word vir die spatskerm wanneer daar by GNOME "
"Desktop aangemeld word"
#: gnome-session/
msgid "Save sessions"
msgstr "Stoor sessies"
#: gnome-session/
msgid "Show the splash screen"
msgstr "Vertoon die spatskerm"
#: gnome-session/
msgid "Show the splash screen when the session starts up"
msgstr "Vertoon die spatskerm wanneer die sessie begin"
#: gnome-session/
msgid "Splash Screen Image"
msgstr "Spatskermbeeld"
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-editor.c:97 gnome-session/startup-programs.c:310
msgid "_Order:"
msgstr "_Volgorde:"
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-editor.c:99
msgid "The order in which applications are started in the session."
msgstr "Die volgorde waarin toepassings in die sessie begin word."
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-editor.c:106
msgid "What happens to the application when it exits."
msgstr "Wat gebeur met die toepassing wanneer dit afsluit."
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-editor.c:109
msgid "_Style:"
msgstr "_Styl:"
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-list.c:150
#: gnome-session/session-properties-capplet.c:412
msgid "Order"
msgstr "Volgorde"
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-list.c:155
msgid "Style"
msgstr "Styl"
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-list.c:160
msgid "State"
msgstr "Staat"
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-list.c:165
msgid "Program"
msgstr "Program"
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:31
msgid "Inactive"
msgstr "Onaktief"
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:32
msgid "Waiting to start or already finished."
msgstr "Wag om te begin of reeds klaar."
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:34
msgid "Starting"
msgstr "Het begin"
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:35
msgid "Started but has not yet reported state."
msgstr "Het begin maar nog nie die status gerapporteer nie."
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:37
msgid "Running"
msgstr "Besig om te loop"
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:38
msgid "A normal member of the session."
msgstr "'n Gewone lid van die sessie."
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:40
msgid "Saving"
msgstr "Besig om te stoor"
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:41
msgid "Saving session details."
msgstr "Stoor sessie-besonderhede."
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:43
msgid "Unknown"
msgstr "Onbekend"
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:44
msgid "State not reported within timeout."
msgstr "Status nie binne uitteltyd gerapporteer nie."
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:50
msgid "Normal"
msgstr "Normaal"
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:51
msgid "Unaffected by logouts but can die."
msgstr "Nie deur afmeldings geraak nie, maar kan sterf."
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:53
msgid "Restart"
msgstr "Oorbegin"
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:54
msgid "Never allowed to die."
msgstr "Mag nooit sterf nie."
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:56
msgid "Trash"
msgstr "Asblik"
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:57
msgid "Discarded on logout and can die."
msgstr "Weggegooi tydens afmelding en kan sterf."
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:59
msgid "Settings"
msgstr "Instellings"
#: gnome-session/gsm-client-row.c:60
msgid "Always started on every login."
msgstr "Altyd begin vir elke aanmelding."
#. * it would be nice to have a dialog which either:
#. *
#. * 1. lets you change the message on it
#. * 2. lets you append messages and has a "history"
#. *
#. * for now, we just kill the old dialog and pop up a new one.
#: gnome-session/gsm-gsd.c:41
msgid ""
"There was an error starting the GNOME Settings Daemon.\n"
"Some things, such as themes, sounds, or background settings may not work "
msgstr ""
"n Fout is ondervind met die laai van die GNOME-Instellingsdaemoon.\n"
"Sommige funksies, soos temas, klanke of agtergrondinstellings mag dalk nie "
"korrek werk nie."
#: gnome-session/gsm-gsd.c:53
msgid ""
"The last error message was:\n"
msgstr ""
"Die laaste foutboodskap was:\n"
#: gnome-session/gsm-gsd.c:58
msgid ""
"GNOME will still try to restart the Settings Daemon next time you log in."
msgstr ""
"GNOME sal probeer om die Instellingsdaemoon oor te begin wanneer jy weer "
#: gnome-session/gsm-gsd.c:115
msgid "There was an unknown activation error."
msgstr "Daar was 'n onbekende aktiveringsfout."
#: gnome-session/gsm-gsd.c:157
msgid "The Settings Daemon restarted too many times."
msgstr "Die Instellingsdaemoon het te veel kere oorbegin."
#: gnome-session/logout.c:374
msgid "Are you sure you want to log out?"
msgstr "Is jy seker jy wil afmeld?"
#: gnome-session/logout.c:391
msgid "_Save current setup"
msgstr "_Stoor huidige opstelling"
#: gnome-session/logout.c:416
msgid "Action"
msgstr "Aksie"
#: gnome-session/logout.c:433
msgid "_Log out"
msgstr "_Meld af"
#: gnome-session/logout.c:437
msgid "Sh_ut down"
msgstr "Sl_uit af"
#: gnome-session/logout.c:441
msgid "_Restart the computer"
msgstr "_Herbegin die rekenaar"
#: gnome-session/main.c:80
msgid "Specify a session name to load"
msgstr "Spesifieer 'n sessie-naam om te laai"
#: gnome-session/main.c:81
msgid "Only read saved sessions from the default.session file"
msgstr "Lees slegs gestoorde sessiesuit die verstek.sessie-lêer"
#: gnome-session/main.c:82
msgid "Millisecond period spent waiting for clients to register (0=forever)"
msgstr "Millisekonde gewag vir kliënte om te registreer (0=vir altyd)"
#: gnome-session/main.c:83
msgid "Millisecond period spent waiting for clients to respond (0=forever)"
msgstr "Millisekonde gewag vir kliënte om te reageer (0=vir altyd)"
#: gnome-session/main.c:84
msgid "Millisecond period spent waiting for clients to die (0=forever)"
msgstr "Millisekonde gewag vir kliënte om te sterf (0=vir altyd)"
#: gnome-session/main.c:264
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Could not look up internet address for %s.\n"
"This will prevent GNOME from operating correctly.\n"
"It may be possible to correct the problem by adding\n"
"%s to the file /etc/hosts."
msgstr ""
"Kon nie internetadres vir %s opsoek nie.\n"
"Die sal verhoed dat GNOME behoorlik funksioneer.\n"
"Die probleem mag moontlik opgelos word deur \n"
"%s by die lêer /etc/gashere te voeg."
#: gnome-session/main.c:271
msgid "Log in Anyway"
msgstr "Meld in elk geval aan"
#: gnome-session/main.c:272
msgid "Try Again"
msgstr "Probeer weer"
#: gnome-session/manager.c:174
msgid "Your session has been saved"
msgstr "Jou sessie is gestoor"
#: gnome-session/manager.c:455
msgid "Wait abandoned due to conflict."
msgstr "Die program het opgehou wag as gevolg van 'n konflik."
#: gnome-session/manager.c:894
#, c-format
msgid "No response to the %s command."
msgstr "Geen reaksie op die %s-bevel nie."
#: gnome-session/manager.c:895
msgid "The program may be slow, stopped or broken."
msgstr "Die program is dalk stadig, stukkend of dit het gestop."
#: gnome-session/manager.c:896
msgid "You may wait for it to respond or remove it."
msgstr "Jy mag wag totdat dit reageer, of dit verwyder."
#: gnome-session/manager.c:1506
msgid "Restart abandoned due to failures."
msgstr "Herbegin gestaak as gevolg van falings."
#: gnome-session/manager.c:1682
msgid "A session shutdown is in progress."
msgstr "'n Sessie-afsluiting neem tans plaas."
#: gnome-session/save-session.c:46
msgid "Set the current session"
msgstr "Stel die huidige sessie"
#: gnome-session/save-session.c:47
msgid "Kill session"
msgstr "Stop sessie"
#: gnome-session/save-session.c:48
msgid "Use dialog boxes"
msgstr "Gebruik dialoogkassies"
#: gnome-session/save-session.c:146 gnome-session/save-session.c:179
msgid "Could not connect to the session manager"
msgstr "Kon nie met sessiebestuurder koppel nie"
#: gnome-session/session-names.c:143
msgid "The session name cannot be empty"
msgstr "Die sessienaam kan nie leeg wees nie"
#: gnome-session/session-names.c:154
msgid "The session name already exists"
msgstr "Die sessienaam bestaan reeds"
#: gnome-session/session-names.c:188
msgid "Add a new session"
msgstr "Voeg 'n nuwe sessie by"
#: gnome-session/session-names.c:218
msgid "Edit session name"
msgstr "Redigeer sessienaam"
#: gnome-session/session-properties-capplet.c:122
msgid "_Edit"
msgstr "_Redigeer"
#: gnome-session/session-properties-capplet.c:190
msgid ""
"Some changes are not saved.\n"
"Is it still OK to exit?"
msgstr ""
"Sommige veranderings is nie gestoor nie.\n"
"Is dit nog steeds OK om af te sluit?"
#: gnome-session/session-properties-capplet.c:240
#: gnome-session/
msgid "Sessions"
msgstr "Sessies"
#: gnome-session/session-properties-capplet.c:273
msgid "Show splash screen on _login"
msgstr "Vertoon spatskerm by _aanmelding"
#: gnome-session/session-properties-capplet.c:284
msgid "_Prompt on logout"
msgstr "_Waarsku by afmelding"
#: gnome-session/session-properties-capplet.c:295
msgid "Automatically save chan_ges to session"
msgstr "Stoor outomaties veran_deringe aan sessie"
#: gnome-session/session-properties-capplet.c:306
msgid "_Sessions:"
msgstr "_Sessies:"
#: gnome-session/session-properties-capplet.c:324
msgid "Session Name"
msgstr "Sessienaam"
#: gnome-session/session-properties-capplet.c:375
msgid "Session Options"
msgstr "Sessie-opsies"
#: gnome-session/session-properties-capplet.c:384
msgid "Current Session"
msgstr "Huidige sessie"
#: gnome-session/session-properties-capplet.c:393
msgid "Additional startup _programs:"
msgstr "Bykomende selflaai _programme:"
#: gnome-session/session-properties-capplet.c:414
msgid "Command"
msgstr "Bevel"
#: gnome-session/session-properties-capplet.c:446
msgid "Startup Programs"
msgstr "Selflaaiprogramme"
#: gnome-session/session-properties.c:49
msgid "Remove the currently selected client from the session."
msgstr "Verwyder die huidige geselekteerde kliënt van die sessie."
#: gnome-session/session-properties.c:55
msgid "Apply changes to the current session"
msgstr "Pas veranderinge op huidige sessie toe"
#: gnome-session/session-properties.c:61
msgid "The list of programs in the session."
msgstr "Die lys van programme in die sessie."
#: gnome-session/session-properties.c:88
msgid "Currently running _programs:"
msgstr "_Programme wat tans loop:"
#: gnome-session/session-properties.c:104
msgid "Initialize session settings"
msgstr "Inisialiseer sessie-instellings"
#: gnome-session/
msgid "Configure your sessions"
msgstr "Stel jou sessies op"
#: gnome-session/splash-widget.c:43
msgid "Sawfish Window Manager"
msgstr "Sawfish-vensterbestuurder"
#: gnome-session/splash-widget.c:44
msgid "Metacity Window Manager"
msgstr "Metacity-vensterbestuurder"
#: gnome-session/splash-widget.c:45
msgid "Window Manager"
msgstr "Vensterbestuurder"
#: gnome-session/splash-widget.c:46
msgid "The Panel"
msgstr "Die Paneel"
#: gnome-session/splash-widget.c:47
msgid "Session Manager Proxy"
msgstr "Sessiebestuurder-instaanbediener"
#: gnome-session/splash-widget.c:48
msgid "Nautilus"
msgstr "Nautilus"
#: gnome-session/splash-widget.c:49
msgid "Desktop Settings"
msgstr "Werkarea-instellings"
#: gnome-session/startup-programs.c:288
msgid "_Startup Command:"
msgstr "_Selflaaibevel:"
#: gnome-session/startup-programs.c:294
msgid "Startup Command"
msgstr "Selflaaibevel"
#: gnome-session/startup-programs.c:343
msgid "The startup command cannot be empty"
msgstr "Die selflaaibevel kan nie leeg wees nie"
#: gnome-session/startup-programs.c:380
msgid "Add Startup Program"
msgstr "Voeg Selflaaiprogram by"
#: gnome-session/startup-programs.c:401
msgid "Edit Startup Program"
msgstr "Redigeer Selflaaiprogram"
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