Commit 57a01cb0 authored by Vincent Untz's avatar Vincent Untz Committed by Vincent Untz

version 2.26.1

2009-04-14  Vincent Untz  <>

	* NEWS: version 2.26.1

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parent 33fbc219
2009-04-14 Vincent Untz <>
* NEWS: version 2.26.1
2009-04-10 Vincent Untz <>
* gnome-session/main.c: (require_dbus_session): when relaunching with
Version 2.26.1
- Fix inhibitor dialog not showing the right action button when shutting down
- Make gnome-session-save --kill --silent work as --force-logout (Vincent)
- Correctly use the arguments passed to gnome-session when launched with no
session dbus (Vincent)
- Updated sr: Горан Ракић
- Updated zh_CN: Ray Wang
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