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2009-04-08  Vincent Untz  <>

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2009-04-08 Vincent Untz <>
* version
2009-04-08 Vincent Untz <>
Make reboot and shutdown leave the session properly, by letting apps
Note: while this is a tarball from a stable branch, this version should be
considered as a test tarball. It contains some important changes to the session
manager to fix various issues, and we want those changes to be tested before
Depending on how D-Bus and ConsoleKit are configured on your system, you might
need the patch from for your
ConsoleKit configuration. This is required so it's possible for applications to
be able to know if there are more than one user logged in on the machine.
The two main fixes for this release are:
- gnome-session now lets applications properly exit on logout
- saving a session on logout is activated again
- Update man pages (Vincent)
- Let all processes exit cleanly on logout/reboot/shutdown (Vincent)
- Use smaller icon size in inhibit dialog (Vincent)
- Fix various crashes in inhibit dialog and during the logout process (Vincent)
- Make the inhibit dialog look at desktop files from autostart directories too
- Use XDG_CONFIG_HOME to save the session and create the session directory with
the right permissions (Vincent)
- Get the discard command from XSMP clients and save it when saving a session,
and use it when removing a saved session (Vincent)
- Properly handle XSMP clients that don't return a restart command when saving
the session (Vincent)
- Various XSMP protocol fixes (Vincent)
- When saving the session, ask the XSMP clients to save the global and local
states when needed instead of just asking them to save their global states.
Else, clients won't appear on next login (Vincent)
- Allow XSMP clients to interact during the logout (and cancel the logout),
using the inhibit infrastructure (Vincent)
- Allow clients to specify that they want to be ended last (Vincent)
- Hide deprecated command-line options from gnome-session-save --help (Vincent)
- Re-enable session saving (Vincent)
- Ignore XSyncAlarmDestroyed events, to avoid filling ~/.xsession-errors
(Matthias Clasen)
- Various code cleanups (Vincent)
- Updated ar: Anas Afif Emad
- Updated el: Jennie Petoumenou
- Updated hu: Gabor Kelemen
- Updated kn: Shankar Prasad
- Updated nb: Kjartan Maraas
- Updated pa: A S Alam
- Updated ru: Nickolay V. Shmyrev
Version 2.26.0
AC_INIT([gnome-session], [2.26.1],
AC_INIT([gnome-session], [],
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