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Add Kurdish Sorani translation

(cherry picked from commit 9c7acf56)
parent 1745e1a6
......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ br
# Kurdish Sorani translation for gnome-session.
# Copyright (C) 2020 gnome-session's COPYRIGHT HOLDER
# This file is distributed under the same license as the gnome-session package.
# jwtiyar <>, 2020.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: gnome-session gnome-3-34\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2019-12-09 10:01+0000\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2020-01-17 02:18+0300\n"
"Language-Team: Kurdish Sorani <>\n"
"Language: ckb\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Last-Translator: Jwtiyar Nariman <>\n"
"X-Generator: Poedit 2.2.4\n"
#: data/
msgid "Custom"
msgstr "ڕاسپێراو"
#: data/
msgid "This entry lets you select a saved session"
msgstr ""
#: data/ data/
#: data/
msgid "GNOME"
msgstr "گنوم"
#: data/ data/
#: data/
msgid "This session logs you into GNOME"
msgstr "به‌م دانیشتنه‌ ئه‌که‌ویته‌ ناو گنومه‌وه‌"
#: data/
msgid "GNOME dummy"
msgstr ""
#: data/
msgid "GNOME on Xorg"
msgstr ""
#: data/
msgid "Save sessions"
msgstr "پاشەکەوتکردنی دانیشتن"
#: data/
msgid "If enabled, gnome-session will save the session automatically."
msgstr ""
#: data/
msgid "Save this session"
msgstr "پاشەکەوتکردنی ئەم دانیشتنە"
#: data/
msgid ""
"When enabled, gnome-session will automatically save the next session at log "
"out even if auto saving is disabled."
msgstr ""
#: data/
msgid "Logout prompt"
msgstr ""
#: data/
msgid "If enabled, gnome-session will prompt the user before ending a session."
msgstr ""
#: data/
msgid "Show the fallback warning"
msgstr ""
#: data/
msgid ""
"If enabled, gnome-session will display a warning dialog after login if the "
"session was automatically fallen back."
msgstr ""
#: data/session-selector.ui:15
msgid "Custom Session"
msgstr "دانیشتنی ڕاسپێراو"
#: data/session-selector.ui:50 tools/gnome-session-selector.c:102
msgid "Please select a custom session to run"
msgstr "تکایە دانیشتنێکی ڕاسپێراو دیاریبکە بۆ دەسپێکردن"
#: data/session-selector.ui:105
msgid "_New Session"
msgstr "ـدانیشتنێکی نوێ"
#: data/session-selector.ui:119
msgid "_Remove Session"
msgstr "ـسڕینەوەی دانیشتن"
#: data/session-selector.ui:133
msgid "Rena_me Session"
msgstr "ناوـنانی دانیشتن"
#: data/session-selector.ui:168
msgid "_Continue"
msgstr "_به‌رده‌وامبوون"
#: gnome-session/gsm-fail-whale-dialog.c:313
msgid "Oh no! Something has gone wrong."
msgstr "ئۆو نا! شتێک بەهەڵە ڕوویدا."
#: gnome-session/gsm-fail-whale-dialog.c:320
msgid ""
"A problem has occurred and the system can’t recover. Please contact a system "
msgstr ""
"کێشەیەک ڕوویدا لە سیستەم ناتوانرێت بگەڕینرێتەوە. تکایە پەیوەندی بە "
"بەڕیوەبەری سیستمەوە بکە"
#: gnome-session/gsm-fail-whale-dialog.c:322
msgid ""
"A problem has occurred and the system can’t recover. All extensions have "
"been disabled as a precaution."
msgstr ""
"کێشەیەک ڕوویدا لە سیستەم ناتوانرێت بگەڕینرێتەوە. هەموو پێوەکراەکان ناچالاک "
#: gnome-session/gsm-fail-whale-dialog.c:324
msgid ""
"A problem has occurred and the system can’t recover.\n"
"Please log out and try again."
msgstr ""
"کێشەیەک ڕوویدا لە سیستەم ناتوانرێت بگەڕینرێتەوە.\n"
"تکایە بچۆدەرەوە و دووبارە هەوڵبدەرەوە"
#: gnome-session/gsm-fail-whale-dialog.c:339
msgid "_Log Out"
msgstr "_ده‌رچوون"
#: gnome-session/gsm-fail-whale-dialog.c:361 gnome-session/main.c:396
msgid "Enable debugging code"
msgstr ""
#: gnome-session/gsm-fail-whale-dialog.c:362
msgid "Allow logout"
msgstr "ڕێگە بەچوونەدەرەوە بدە"
#: gnome-session/gsm-fail-whale-dialog.c:363
msgid "Show extension warning"
msgstr "ئاگاداریەکانی پێوەکراوە پیشان بدە"
#: gnome-session/gsm-manager.c:1289 gnome-session/gsm-manager.c:1999
msgid "Not responding"
msgstr "وەڵام نادرێتەوە"
#: gnome-session/gsm-util.c:414
msgid "_Log out"
msgstr "_ده‌رچوون"
#. It'd be really surprising to reach this code: if we're here,
#. * then the XSMP client already has set several XSMP
#. * properties. But it could still be that SmProgram is not set.
#: gnome-session/gsm-xsmp-client.c:557
msgid "Remembered Application"
msgstr "داوانامەی لەیادنەکراو"
#: gnome-session/gsm-xsmp-client.c:1216
msgid "This program is blocking logout."
msgstr "ئەم نەرمەواڵەی ڕێگە بە چوونەدەرەوە نادات."
#: gnome-session/gsm-xsmp-server.c:338
msgid ""
"Refusing new client connection because the session is currently being shut "
msgstr ""
#: gnome-session/gsm-xsmp-server.c:605
#, c-format
msgid "Could not create ICE listening socket: %s"
msgstr ""
#: gnome-session/main.c:390
msgid "Running as systemd service"
msgstr ""
#: gnome-session/main.c:391
msgid "Use systemd session management"
msgstr ""
#: gnome-session/main.c:393
msgid "Use builtin session management (rather than the systemd based one)"
msgstr ""
#: gnome-session/main.c:394
msgid "Override standard autostart directories"
msgstr ""
#: gnome-session/main.c:394
#: gnome-session/main.c:395
msgid "Session to use"
msgstr "دانیشتن بۆ بەکارهێنان"
#: gnome-session/main.c:395
#: gnome-session/main.c:397
msgid "Do not load user-specified applications"
msgstr ""
#: gnome-session/main.c:398
msgid "Version of this application"
msgstr "وەشانی ئەم پڕۆگرامە"
#. Translators: the 'fail whale' is the black dialog we show when something goes seriously wrong
#: gnome-session/main.c:400
msgid "Show the fail whale dialog for testing"
msgstr ""
#: gnome-session/main.c:401
msgid "Disable hardware acceleration check"
msgstr ""
#: gnome-session/main.c:433
msgid " — the GNOME session manager"
msgstr " —بەڕێوەبردنی پیشاندانی گنۆم"
#: tools/gnome-session-ctl.c:244
msgid "Start"
msgstr ""
#: tools/gnome-session-ctl.c:245
msgid ""
"Start when receiving EOF or a single byte on "
msgstr ""
#: tools/gnome-session-ctl.c:246
msgid "Signal initialization done to gnome-session"
msgstr ""
#: tools/gnome-session-ctl.c:247
msgid "Restart dbus.service if it is running"
msgstr ""
#: tools/gnome-session-ctl.c:275
msgid "Program needs exactly one parameter"
msgstr ""
#: tools/gnome-session-inhibit.c:108
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Execute COMMAND while inhibiting some session functionality.\n"
" -h, --help Show this help\n"
" --version Show program version\n"
" --app-id ID The application id to use\n"
" when inhibiting (optional)\n"
" --reason REASON The reason for inhibiting (optional)\n"
" --inhibit ARG Things to inhibit, colon-separated list of:\n"
" logout, switch-user, suspend, idle, automount\n"
" --inhibit-only Do not launch COMMAND and wait forever instead\n"
"If no --inhibit option is specified, idle is assumed.\n"
msgstr ""
#: tools/gnome-session-inhibit.c:146
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to execute %s\n"
msgstr "نەتوانرا %s جێبەجێبکرێت \n"
#: tools/gnome-session-inhibit.c:206 tools/gnome-session-inhibit.c:216
#: tools/gnome-session-inhibit.c:226
#, c-format
msgid "%s requires an argument\n"
msgstr ""
#: tools/gnome-session-quit.c:50
msgid "Log out"
msgstr "_ده‌رچوون"
#: tools/gnome-session-quit.c:51
msgid "Power off"
msgstr "کوژاندنەوە"
#: tools/gnome-session-quit.c:52
msgid "Reboot"
msgstr "پێکردنەوە"
#: tools/gnome-session-quit.c:53
msgid "Ignoring any existing inhibitors"
msgstr ""
#: tools/gnome-session-quit.c:54
msgid "Don’t prompt for user confirmation"
msgstr ""
#: tools/gnome-session-quit.c:88 tools/gnome-session-quit.c:102
msgid "Could not connect to the session manager"
msgstr "نەتوانرا پەیوەندی بگرێت لەگەڵ بەڕێوەبردنی گنۆم"
#: tools/gnome-session-quit.c:198
msgid "Program called with conflicting options"
msgstr ""
#: tools/gnome-session-selector.c:61
#, c-format
msgid "Session %d"
msgstr "دانیشتنی %d"
#: tools/gnome-session-selector.c:107
msgid ""
"Session names are not allowed to start with “.” or contain “/” characters"
msgstr ""
#: tools/gnome-session-selector.c:111
msgid "Session names are not allowed to start with “.”"
msgstr ""
#: tools/gnome-session-selector.c:115
msgid "Session names are not allowed to contain “/” characters"
msgstr ""
#: tools/gnome-session-selector.c:123
#, c-format
msgid "A session named “%s” already exists"
msgstr "دانیشتنێک بە ناوی “%s” پێشتر بەکارهێنراوە"
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