Commit 8f86fe04 authored by Benjamin Berg's avatar Benjamin Berg Committed by Benjamin Berg

manager: Disable session saving on systemd managed sessions

Allowing this is problematic as gnome-session would try to restore XSMP
clients that are already started using systemd, resuling in session

See: #41
parent c6e21972
......@@ -1910,6 +1910,11 @@ on_xsmp_client_register_confirmed (GsmXSMPClient *client,
static gboolean
auto_save_is_enabled (GsmManager *manager)
/* Note that saving/restoring sessions is not really possible on systemd, as
* XSMP clients cannot be reliably mapped to .desktop files. */
if (manager->priv->systemd_managed)
return FALSE;
return g_settings_get_boolean (manager->priv->settings, KEY_AUTOSAVE_ONE_SHOT)
|| g_settings_get_boolean (manager->priv->settings, KEY_AUTOSAVE);
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