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Bump NEWS for release

parent c44071ca
Version 3.34.2
Version 3.35.3
autostart-app: Strip blacklisted variables from autostart environment
data: Ensure shutdown target does not keep units loaded
data: Make X11 services part of gnome-session-initialized
data: Remove gnome-session-stable.timer and related units
data: Remove never used gnome-session-shutdown.service
doap: Add a description
manager: Disable session saving on systemd managed sessions
session-fill: Disable session restoring on systemd
Translation updates: Chinese (Taiwan), Russian
Version 3.34.1
* Drop accidentally included `--debug` when launching
* Introduce a list of variables to potentially unset in launched
* Translation updates
Version 3.34.0
* Translation updates
binary: Allow quitting early on SIGTERM/SIGINT
binary: Log a critical when our SIGTERM/SIGINT handler fails to log out
Translation updates: Chinese (China), Galician
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