Commit ddfbd3a3 authored by Roger Sauret's avatar Roger Sauret Committed by Gaute Hope

fix bug lp:1283158: editing of at template does not work

output value was not unpacked from tuple containing template.

bug and fix by: Roger Sauret. Gaute Hope's avatarGaute Hope <>
parent da4fdd85
......@@ -118,8 +118,8 @@ class TemplateManager:
if type == "at":
t = self.template.gettemplate ("at", int (id))
if t != False:
id2, title, command = t
self.parent.at_editor.showedit_template (self.widget, id2, title, command)
id2, title, command, output = t
self.parent.at_editor.showedit_template (self.widget, id2, title, command, output)
elif type == "crontab":
t = self.template.gettemplate ("crontab", int (id) )
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