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Update Todo

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......@@ -5,29 +5,30 @@ Remember to send an email to the gnome-schedule-devel list
or check out the latest code from the git repository
in case work has already been started on some of the features.
Gnome Schedule 3.0.0
Development for version 3.0.0 happens on the branch 'three'.
* Port to gtk 3
* Checkbox to disable tasks
* Working export and import of tasks
* Use ngettext in obvious places
This list has a tendency to get outdated and forgotten.
* labels should be expanded
Wishlist (need a new branch and/or will not be included in the next release)
* Show the next-run time for crontab records
* Support for mail direction in both cron and at
* Support for classes in at(nice, priority)
* make task for more then one user at once (for a group of users)
* add logging function? (
* add logging function? (
* "gnome-schedule --addtemplate foo" (will add a template) (console only)
* "gnome-schedule --addtask task user" (will add a task for a user) (console only)
* "gnome-schedule --addtask task user" (will add a task for a user) (console only)
Unassigned would make it to the release but are non-blocking it
* We need more exception handlers and let functions return if an operation failed
(in savetemplate for example)
* Check out the ngettext stuff for python, perhaps send python/gettext folks a note about the missing features. bug 325053
* Virtually any possible language
* Also checkout the file!
* Some of the translations are so outdated, and wrong that they hardly should be there.. ie: pa.po
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