Commit d7ddc70e authored by Gaute Hope's avatar Gaute Hope

add XAUTHORITY variable pointing to ~/.Xauthority

parent b12c495e
......@@ -32,9 +32,10 @@ import crontab
import gettext
gettext.install(config.GETTEXT_PACKAGE(), config.GNOMELOCALEDIR(), unicode=1)
def check_X (display):
#Checking if I can use X
def check_X (display, xauth):
# Checking if I can use X
os.putenv ('DISPLAY', display)
os.putenv ('XAUTHORITY', xauth)
import pygtk
......@@ -129,12 +130,15 @@ if job_type == 0:
print _("len(display)<2: No proper DISPLAY variable")
sys.exit (1)
# TODO: Can/Does this change ?
xauth = home_dir + "/.Xauthority"
check_X (display)
check_X (display, xauth)
# Execute task
sh = os.popen ("/bin/sh -s", 'w')
sh.write ("export DISPLAY=" + display + "\n")
sh.write ("export XAUTHORITY=" + xauth + "\n")
sh.write (command + "\n")
sh.close ()
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