Commit b5cf34d4 authored by Richard Hughes's avatar Richard Hughes

Add a bodge to reset the idletime XAlarm when we are no longer inhibited.

There's no bug in gnome-power-manager, and I suspect gnome-session somehow triggers this
bug. There's a full writeup in
but I've got next-to-no help in debugging gnome-session or the XSync alarms stuff.

Open source sucks sometimes.
parent 0a257a46
......@@ -355,6 +355,14 @@ static void
gpm_idle_session_inhibited_changed_cb (GpmSession *session, gboolean is_inhibited, GpmIdle *idle)
egg_debug ("Received gnome session inhibited changed: %i", is_inhibited);
/* gnome-session IDLETIME bug -- For more details see:
* */
if (!is_inhibited) {
egg_warning ("performing gnome-session IDLETIME bodge");
egg_idletime_alarm_reset_all (idle->priv->idletime);
gpm_idle_evaluate (idle);
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