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    gegl, test-gegl: Split out the code to convert a GeglBuffer to a format · 54b89044
    Debarshi Ray authored
    This code is necessary whenever the validity of a floating point
    GeglBuffer has to be asserted because floating point colour component
    values are inherently not reproducible. Minor errors can creep in due
    to differences in computer architecture, varying Babl conversions or
    other changes in code. These errors don't indicate a bug and will
    cause spurious test failures. Therefore, it's better to convert such
    GeglBuffers into integer values before checksumming. eg., this is
    relevant when a buffer is zoomed by a GeglSampler because the result
    is floating point premultiplied alpha.
    Subsequent commits will add a new codec API for GeglBuffer similar to
    those for GdkPixbuf, which is going to offer on-the-fly zooming while
    decoding a bitstream. Therefore, this will be useful for testing those
    code paths.
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