1. 27 Sep, 2018 2 commits
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      flatpak: Switch to Meson · d8f0be29
      Debarshi Ray authored
      The Autotools build didn't use --disable-dogtail, even though the SDK
      doesn't have Dogtail. It only worked because configure.ac doesn't
      actually check for the presence of Dogtail. The Meson build doesn't
      check for it either, but merely to imitate the Autotools build.
      It's better to spell out exactly what's going on.
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      build: Add the remaining -Wextra warnings in GCC 8 to the Meson build · 4e0a1502
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      The Autotools build uses -Wextra because it's on the AX_COMPILER_FLAGS
      list. However, using -Wextra directly is problematic because newer
      compilers can add more warnings to the -Wextra umbrella, and some of
      them might not be fit for this codebase. eg., GCC 8 added
      -Wcast-function-type, which can't be sanely used with the GNOME
      platform (see commit bb290a1e). This is why the Meson build
      tries to avoid -Wextra. Instead, it is better to explicitly list out
      the desired warnings from the -Wextra umbrella.
      The warnings that were explicitly listed out in AX_COMPILER_FLAGS were
      already present in the initial port to Meson. This fills in the rest
      that weren't explicitly listed but were still enabled by -Wextra.
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      Make photos_base_item_download return a GFile instead of a path · e651e8d7
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      It's prudent to standardize around GFile across the code because:
        * Being a reference counted object, it's cheaper to pass around. No
          need to allocate little memory buffers to copy strings around.
        * Supports both paths and URIs. Even though, in this particular case,
          it's always going to be a local path, that's not true for other
          areas of the code.
        * Encapsulates all GIO operations that can be performed on a file.
          Rarely, if ever, does the code directly use UNIX system calls or
          the C standard library to operate on files because of the need for
          asynchronous operations, support for cancellation, and nicer error
      For all these reasons, the new codec API for GeglBuffer is also based
      around GFile.
      Exceptions when raw paths or URIs are useful:
        * Serializing and deserializing across D-Bus, databases, etc..
        * Logging error or debug messages.
        * Interacting with GIO-unfriendly APIs like Exiv2.
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      base-item: Rename a variable · c84f289a
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      This will make the subsequent commit easier to read.
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