Commit 9ca8a806 authored by Debarshi Ray's avatar Debarshi Ray

preview-view: Don't assume the presence of a GtkViewport

Once PhotosImageView implements GtkScrollable, there won't be a
GtkViewport between the view and its GtkScrolledWindow container.
parent ef138b9c
......@@ -258,11 +258,16 @@ photos_preview_view_create_view_with_container (PhotosPreviewView *self)
static GtkWidget *
photos_preview_view_get_view_from_view_container (GtkWidget *view_container)
GtkWidget *child;
GtkWidget *view;
GtkWidget *viewport;
viewport = gtk_bin_get_child (GTK_BIN (view_container));
view = gtk_bin_get_child (GTK_BIN (viewport));
child = gtk_bin_get_child (GTK_BIN (view_container));
if (GTK_IS_VIEWPORT (child))
view = gtk_bin_get_child (GTK_BIN (child));
view = child;
return view;
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