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      embed: Untangle the notify::visible-child & window-mode-changed logic · cacf92ff
      Debarshi Ray authored
      The purpose of the GtkStack::notify::visible-child handler is to change
      the WindowMode when the GtkStackSwitcher is used. That's only possible
      with a left-click or tapping the touchscreen.
      The ModeController::window-mode-changed handler is meant to do all
      that's necessary when the mode changes - setting up the widgets,
      saving application state, etc..
      So far, both the handlers would be invoked for every mode change
      regardless of whether the GtkStackSwitcher was used or not; but the
      order in which they ran was determined by the involvement of the
      GtkStackSwitcher. That's confusing.
      From now on, the photos_embed_notify_visible_child will ignore changes
      to the visible child unless it happened due to a left-click or touch
      event. The logic to determine whether to hide the searchbar or not has
      been moved to photos_embed_window_mode_changed because it is just like
      the rest of the window-mode-changed handling code, and has nothing to
      do with the GtkStackSwitcher.
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      embed: Simplify code · af37cfe1
      Debarshi Ray authored
      The purpose of the photos_embed_search_changed callback is to switch
      to the SEARCH mode when the user specifies any search criterion, and
      to switch back when she has lifted all criteria. It shouldn't interfere
      when the application is saving and restoring search state for internal
      state management.
      Therefore, instead of a mysterious comment and hard to understand
      conditions inside photos_embed_search_changed itself, it is simpler to
      temporarily block it whenever there is a change due to internal
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      embed, overview-searchbar: Simplify code · 5defdad1
      Debarshi Ray authored
      OverviewSearchbar unsets all the search criteria, except the search
      string, when it gets hidden. There is no reason for it not to.
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      embed: Remove redundant code · 7d908e40
      Debarshi Ray authored
      The active search type is already set to "all" by OverviewSearchbar
      when it gets hidden by photos_embed_save_search.
      Fallout from ee3a5edb
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      searchbar: Use the more appropriate GAction API · 86671fcc
      Debarshi Ray authored
      PhotosSearchbar doesn't need to override the default state change
      handling of the GAction. It merely needs to react to it.
      Fallout from dbe9070d
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