Commit af37cfe1 authored by Debarshi Ray's avatar Debarshi Ray
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embed: Simplify code

The purpose of the photos_embed_search_changed callback is to switch
to the SEARCH mode when the user specifies any search criterion, and
to switch back when she has lifted all criteria. It shouldn't interfere
when the application is saving and restoring search state for internal
state management.

Therefore, instead of a mysterious comment and hard to understand
conditions inside photos_embed_search_changed itself, it is simpler to
temporarily block it whenever there is a change due to internal
parent 5defdad1
......@@ -190,11 +190,13 @@ photos_embed_restore_search (PhotosEmbed *self)
if (!self->search_state.saved)
photos_embed_block_search_changed (self);
photos_base_manager_set_active_object (self->src_mngr, self->search_state.source);
photos_base_manager_set_active_object (self->srch_mngr, self->search_state.search_type);
photos_search_controller_set_string (self->srch_cntrlr, self->search_state.str);
self->search_state.saved = FALSE;
photos_embed_unblock_search_changed (self);
self->search_state.saved = FALSE;
photos_embed_clear_search (self);
state = g_variant_new ("b", TRUE);
......@@ -217,8 +219,10 @@ photos_embed_save_search (PhotosEmbed *self)
self->search_state.str = g_strdup (photos_search_controller_get_string (self->srch_cntrlr));
self->search_state.saved = TRUE;
photos_embed_block_search_changed (self);
state = g_variant_new ("b", FALSE);
g_action_change_state (self->search_action, state);
photos_embed_unblock_search_changed (self);
......@@ -453,7 +457,6 @@ static void
photos_embed_search_changed (PhotosEmbed *self)
GObject *object;
PhotosWindowMode mode;
const gchar *search_type_id;
const gchar *source_id;
const gchar *str;
......@@ -462,18 +465,7 @@ photos_embed_search_changed (PhotosEmbed *self)
* the search mode, and when all constraints have been lifted we
* want to go back to the previous mode which can be either
* collections, favorites or overview.
* However there are some exceptions, which are taken care of
* elsewhere:
* - when moving from search to preview or collection view
* - when in preview
object = photos_base_manager_get_active_object (self->item_mngr);
mode = photos_mode_controller_get_window_mode (self->mode_cntrlr);
if (mode == PHOTOS_WINDOW_MODE_SEARCH && object != NULL)
object = photos_base_manager_get_active_object (self->src_mngr);
source_id = photos_filterable_get_id (PHOTOS_FILTERABLE (object));
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