Commit 4a108677 authored by Fran Diéguez's avatar Fran Diéguez

Updated Galician translations

parent f1bdaac9
......@@ -7,8 +7,8 @@ msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2013-09-02 17:06+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2013-09-02 17:06+0200\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2013-09-10 15:28+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2013-09-10 15:31+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Fran Dieguez <>\n"
"Language: gl\n"
......@@ -18,6 +18,35 @@ msgstr ""
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
"X-Generator: Virtaal 0.7.1\n"
#: ../data/
msgid ""
"A simple application to access, organize and share your photos on GNOME. It "
"is meant to be a simple and elegant replacement for using a file manager to "
"deal with photos. Seamless cloud integration is offered through GNOME Online "
msgstr ""
"Un aplicativo sinxelo para acceder, organizar e compartir as súas fotos en "
"GNOME. Está pensado para que sexa unha alternativa simple e elegante ao uso "
"do explorador de ficheiros para xestionar as fotos. Conta con integración "
"coa nube mediante Conta en liña de GNOME."
#: ../data/
msgid "It lets you:"
msgstr "Permítelle"
#: ../data/
msgid ""
"<li>View recent local and online photos</li> <li>Access your Flickr content</"
"li> <li>Send photos to remote DLNA renderers</li> <li>Set as background</li> "
"<li>Print photos</li> <li>Select favorites</li> <li>Allow opening full "
"featured editor for more advanced changes</li>"
msgstr ""
"<li>Ver as súas fotos locais e en liña recentes</li> <li>Acceder ao seu "
"contido en Flickr</li> <li>Enviar fotos a renderizadores DLNA remotos</li> "
"<li>Estabelecer unha foto como fondo de escritorio</li> <li>Imprimir "
"fotos</li> <li>Seleccionar fatoritos</li> <li>Abrir fotos co seu editor "
"para facer cambios avanzados</li>"
#: ../data/ ../src/photos-embed.c:505
#: ../src/photos-search-type-manager.c:93
msgid "Photos"
......@@ -140,7 +169,7 @@ msgstr "Sobre fotos"
msgid "Quit"
msgstr "Saír"
#: ../src/photos-base-item.c:312
#: ../src/photos-base-item.c:303
msgid "Album"
msgstr "Álbum"
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