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    Port to Tracker 3 · 2eb92372
    Sam Thursfield authored
    Notable changes:
      * User data (favourites, albums) is now stored in a private database in
        ~/.local/share/gnome-photos. This is combined with the Tracker Miner
        FS index of photos at query time.
      * Inside Flatpak, the app connects to Tracker via the new
        xdg-tracker-portal instead of talking directly over D-Bus. Access is
        limited by the portal so the app can only see the Pictures graph.
      * The Flatpak build can use a bundled version of Tracker Miners, if a
        suitable version is not available on the host.
      * Change detection is done using TrackerNotifier instead of watching
        the GraphUpdated D-Bus signal directly.
    Closes #59
    Closes #152