1. 19 May, 2003 1 commit
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      Random re-formatting foo and: (get_url_from_input): add from Frank's · e27fb553
      Mark McLoughlin authored
      2003-05-19  Mark McLoughlin  <mark@skynet.ie>
      	* panel-run-dialog.[ch]:
      	Random re-formatting foo and:
      	(get_url_from_input): add from Frank's original libgnome
      	patch. Seems it never got in.
      2003-05-19  Frank Worsley <fworsley@shaw.ca>
      	* panel-run-dialog.c
      	* panel-run-dialog.h
      	* panel-run-dialog.glade
      	the sweet new run program dialog
      	* Makefile.am:
      	added in the new files
      	* menu.c: (add_to_run_dialog):
      	* panel-action-button.c: (panel_action_run_program):
      	* panel-action-protocol.c: (panel_action_protocol_run_dialog):
      	moved to new run dialog function names
      	* panel-util.c: (panel_get_unique_uri):
      	copied from launcher.c, a function to get a unique uri
      	for a given location and file suffix
      	* launcher.c: (launcher_location), (panel_launcher_save_ditem):
      	now uses new util function to get unique uri
      	* panel-util.h:
      	updated for new function
      	* panel.c:
      	don't include gnome-run.h