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  3. 25 May, 2007 1 commit
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      use panel_ditem_editor_new_directory() when it makes sense add a new · 28764101
      Vincent Untz authored
      2007-05-25  Vincent Untz  <vuntz@gnome.org>
      	* gnome-desktop-item-edit.c: (main): use
      	panel_ditem_editor_new_directory() when it makes sense
      	* panel-ditem-editor.[ch]: add a new type-directory construct-only
      	property to know if the file is for .directory files
      	(panel_ditem_editor_constructor): set the Type key to directory if
      	we're editing a .directory file, and cache this information in
      	(panel_ditem_editor_get_property): updated for new property
      	(panel_ditem_editor_set_property): updated for new property
      	(panel_ditem_editor_class_init): updated for new property
      	(panel_ditem_editor_get_item_type): properly handle the .directory
      	(panel_ditem_editor_setup_ui): don't show the combo if we edit a new
      	.directory file
      	(panel_ditem_editor_init): update
      	(setup_icon_entry): update
      	(panel_ditem_editor_save): update, and make the error message
      	.directory aware
      	(panel_ditem_editor_new_full): new
      	(panel_ditem_editor_new): update to call panel_ditem_editor_new_full()
      	(panel_ditem_editor_new_directory): new
      	(panel_ditem_editor_set_type_directory): new
      	(panel_ditem_editor_get_type_directory): new
      	Fix bug #437940
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  4. 07 Aug, 2006 1 commit
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      New dialog to edit the launchers! (and my biggest ChangeLog entry ever! · 22d00c42
      Vincent Untz authored
      2006-08-06  Vincent Untz  <vuntz@gnome.org>
      	New dialog to edit the launchers!
      	(and my biggest ChangeLog entry ever! awesome!)
      	* Makefile.am: add panel-ditem-editor.[ch] and remove menu-ditem.[ch]
      	* panel-ditem-editor.[ch]: new, with all the magic :-)
      	* menu-ditem.[ch]: killed
      	* gnome-desktop-item-edit.c: mark string for translation,
      	(validate_for_filename): copied from menu-ditem.c
      	(get_unique_name): ditto
      	(find_uri_on_save_directory): new, to get the name when creating a
      	.directory file
      	(find_uri_on_save): new, ditto for .desktop files
      	(error_reported): new, to report errors from the editor
      	(main): mark string for translation, update with PanelDItemEditor love
      	* launcher.[ch]: (panel_launcher_get_filename): updated so that we
      	don't consider non-local files as okay
      	(panel_launcher_save_ditem): kill
      	(launch_url): moved to GKeyFile, updated for panel_error_dialog()
      	(launcher_launch): ditto
      	(drag_data_received_cb): updated to use
      	panel_util_launch_from_key_file(), updated for panel_error_dialog()
      	(free_launcher): updated
      	(panel_launcher_delete): updated for location change
      	(drag_data_get_cb): updated for location change
      	(create_launcher): moved to GKeyFile, make sure that if the user edits
      	a desktop file from a datadir, the desktop file will get a random name
      	(guess_icon_from_exec): moved to GKeyFile
      	(setup_button): ditto
      	(panel_launcher_hoard): renamed to panel_launcher_find_writable_uri()
      	(panel_launcher_find_writable_uri): ... change the function to only
      	get a filename (without saving), also, make it more understandable :-)
      	(properties_apply): kill
      	(launcher_changed): rewrote, update button look
      	(properties_close_callback): kill
      	(launcher_command_changed): do what we did in previous
      	launcher_changed(), ie: reset StartupNotify
      	(launcher_save_uri): function to get uri where the PanelDItemEditor
      	will save the file
      	(set_revert_insensitive): kill
      	(set_revert_sensitive): kill
      	(window_response): kill
      	(launcher_saved): update location gconf key if we had to change the
      	uri of the file
      	(create_properties_dialog): kill
      	(launcher_error_reported): report error
      	(launcher_properties): move to PanelDItemEditor
      	(load_launcher_applet): fix leak in case of error
      	(launcher_load_from_gconf): update string
      	(ensure_item_localefiled): kill
      	(launcher_new_saved): add the launcher to the profile
      	(really_add_launcher): kill
      	(ask_about_launcher): move to PanelDItemEditor
      	(panel_launcher_create_from_info): move to panel_util_key_file*
      	(panel_launcher_create_with_id): updated since panel_launcher_hoard()
      	is killed
      	(launcher_save): kill
      	(find_launcher): updated
      	* panel-util.[ch]: (panel_ditem_launch): make this private
      	(panel_util_launch_from_key_file): new, to use gnome-desktop to launch
      	a .desktop file in a GKeyFile
      	(panel_launch_desktop_file): updated for panel_ditem_launch() change
      	(panel_dialog): kill (well, integrated in panel_error_dialog())
      	(panel_error_dialog): use GtkMessageDialog API to set the secondary
      	text, make it possible to provide a parent window
      	(panel_show_help): updated for panel_error_dialog() change
      	(panel_lock_screen_action): ditto
      	(panel_util_key_file_to_file): handle both URI and paths
      	(panel_util_key_file_load_from_uri): new
      	(panel_util_key_file_get_boolean): new
      	(panel_util_key_file_set_locale_string): new
      	(panel_util_key_file_remove_locale_key): new
      	(and some other panel_util_key_file* macros): new
      	* applet.c: updated for launcher_properties() change
      	(panel_applet_register): update string
      	* panel-applet-frame.c: (panel_applet_frame_activated): ditto
      	* button-widget.c: (button_widget_reload_pixbuf): updated for
      	panel_error_dialog() change
      	* panel-action-button.c: (panel_action_search): ditto
      	(panel_action_connect_server): ditto
      	* panel-context-menu.c: (panel_context_menu_remove_panel): ditto
      	(panel_context_menu_setup_remove_panel_it...): update string
      	* panel-marshal.list: updated, and removed useless stuff
      	* panel-menu-bar.c: (panel_menu_bar_invoke_menu): updated for
      	panel_error_dialog() change
      	* panel-menu-button.c: (panel_menu_button_invoke_menu): ditto
      	* panel-menu-items.c: (activate_uri): ditto
      	(panel_menu_item_activate_desktop_file): dittp
      	(panel_menu_items_append_from_desktop): use panel_key_file* functions
      	* panel-properties-dialog.c: (panel_properties_dialog_present):
      	updated for panel_error_dialog() change
      	* panel-recent.c: (recent_documents_activate_cb): ditto
      	* panel-run-dialog.c: (panel_run_dialog_launch_command): ditto
      	(panel_run_dialog_show_url): ditto
      	(panel_run_dialog_execute): ditto
      	(program_list_selection_changed): use panel_key_file* functions
      	(panel_run_dialog_create_desktop_file): ditto
      	(panel_run_dialog_present): updated for panel_error_dialog() change
      	* panel-shell.c: (panel_shell_register): ditto
      	* panel-widget.c: (panel_widget_class_init): use glib marshal