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If you want to hack on the GNOME project, it will make you life easier
to have the following packages installed:
- GNU autoconf 2.12
- GNU automake 1.2d
Available in
- GNU libtool 1.0f
- GNU guile 1.2
- GNU gettext 0.10.32
- SLIB 2b3
As we are getting very close to the 1.2 release, I'd like people not to
commit to gnome-core or gnome-applets without first getting approval from
either George ( or me ( Translators and
doc people are exempted from this, of course. I will update the HACKING
files accordingly.
These should be available by ftp from or any of the
fine GNU mirrors. Beta software can be found at
This hopefully won't last long as my list of things to before 1.2 is
getting short these days.
If you are accessing gnome via CVS, you will need to run the script to get GNOME to compile.
cvsroot/gnome$ ./ [configure options]
N.b., the "configure" script will not exist until you take these
steps. The last step is in case you have not installed the DocBook
packages. These are still esoteric enough that we are not requiring
you to install them to build GNOME.
Before running configure, make sure you have libtool in your path.
There is a simple script ( on the root directory that does
all of this for you. Just run this script with any arguments that you
want to pass to configure. If you like to build in a directory
different from the source, you can run `$srcdir/' in the
build directory, and it will deduce $srcdir.
Please submit patches to the mailing list. All
kinds of contributions are accepted. If at all possible, please use
CVS to get the latest development version of gnome; the README file
has the CVSROOT information.
In devel-docs/ you'll find the GNOME Developer's Tutorial.
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