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    cleaned up compilation with -Wall · bf7c5a0d
    Jiri (George) Lebl authored
    Sun Jun 07 00:23:16 1998  George Lebl  <jirka@5z.com>
            * *.[ch]: cleaned up compilation with -Wall
            * gnome-panel.idl,mico-glue.(cc|h),applet-lib.(cc|h),
              implemented and applet signal for the changing backgrounds
            * panel_config.[ch],main.c: modify the config dialog
              on the fly if it is display and the user changes the
              config by dnd (panel position and background)
            * gnome-panel.idl,mico-glue.(cc|h),applet-widget.[ch],
              main.c,panel.c: implemented tooltips inside applets,
              by implementing applet side tooltips, but which enable
              and disable tooltips just like the panel side ones
            * panel_config.c: allowing more then one config box for
              per-panel config (one per panel)
    This is two days worth of stuff ... I hope the release is done as this
    shoudl not go into the release as it is possibly unstable ...
    (hopefully it's stable) .... hmmm a LOT of stuff :)
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