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    the autoraise is no longer a non-gnome-wm option only · b7a6375a
    Jiri (George) Lebl authored
    Wed Feb 09 02:06:20 2000  George Lebl <jirka@5z.com>
    	* gnome-panel-properties.c: the autoraise is no longer a non-gnome-wm
    	  option only
    	* basep-widget.c: do the autoraise even on compliant windowmanagers.
    	  Also state_change signal is now called BEFORE the animation occurs.
    	  The only purpose of the state_change signal is basically to
    	  show and hide drawers, and we want to hide drawers before we start
    	* menu.c: fix a segfault when adding drawers
    	* drawer-widget.c: when hiding a drawer, raise the parent panel
    	  so that the drawer doesn't flash over the panel itself
    	  (XMoveResizeWindow first moves a window then resizes and I
    	  have no clue how to make both happen at the same time, so this
    	  is the only way to make it not be ugly).  Also in get_pos
    	  we check temp_hidden and return an offscreen pos if we are
    	* panel.c: when temp_hiding a drawer, move it off screen with gdk
    	  so that the hiding is immediate.
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